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The company UKRSTEELSPECIALCONSTRUCTION was established in the year 2002. From the beginning of its activities, the company participated in several big projects associated with manufacturing and installation of metal structures.

Our company was involved in the implementation of the projects as follows:

Сonstruction of the Blits-Print factory in Kyiv;

Сonstruction of the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv;

Сonstruction of the arch with apartment floors at the elevation of + 51 m;

Сonstruction of the Triumf apartment blocks in Kyiv;

Сonstruction of the railway carriage washing facilities for Donetsk railways;

Design and supply of metal structures for construction of the compressor station in the Republic of Turkmenistan

Manufacturing of metal structures for reconstruction of iron and steel works in Brazil

The company performed project works associated with manufacturing and installation of metal structures for

The Olimpiyskiy Nationwide Stadium (in the framework of the program Euro 2012);

Construction of the Boryspil International Airport;

Construction of the buildings for Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Construction of the covered ice rinks in five cities of Ukraine

The company also participated in many projects implemented by the private companies (construction of auto workshops, warehouses, plants, supermarkets as well as construction of the other buildings)

2012 became a crucial year for the development of USSK.

UKRSTEELSPECIALCONSTRUCTION has mastered the manufacturing of metal structures and implemented state-of-the-art techniques and technologies required for production of the bridge metal structures. The company has been licensed and certified on the national level. The effective quality control system has been implemented with the assistance of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute and independent Bridge Inspection of Ukraine.

To date, the following infrastructure facilities have been constructed or are under construction with the involvement of the company:

Cable-stayed bridge over the Dnieper river within the framework of the motor road construction over the Dnieper river in the city of Zaporizhzhia, Construction No.10 - 2500 t;

Motorway bridge on the Odesa – Reni motor road – 400 t

9 pedestrian bridge crossings on the Kyiv – Odesa motor road – 450 t;

Bridge crossing over Sukhyi Estuary on the Odesa- Illichivsk motor road– 500 t;

Motorway bypass bridge in Poltava, on the Kyiv – Kharkiv motor road, EBRD contract - 5 800 t;

Railway bridges of the lines Atamurat - Imamnazar - Akina - Andkhoy, Turkmenistan.

Bridge crossing over the Sula river - 600 t;

Reconstruction of the transport interchange (Shuliavsky overpass), Kyiv - 1 900 t;

Pedestrian and bicycle crossing (Saint Volodymyr Hill), Kyiv - 470 t;

Bridge crossing over the Bystrytsia river, Ivano-Frankivsk - 2200 t;

Bridge over the Severskiy Donets river in Stanychno-Luhanske - 42 t,

Bridge over the Dniester river on Burshtyn-Kalush national importance highway - 61 t.


Design of bridges and artificial structures

UKRSTEELSPECIAL CONSTRUCTION has its own design group, which performs the design of artificial structures of any type and complexity

Bridge design is one of the most complex tasks due to the uniqueness of each structure. The whole set of works on design is performed by the experienced experts employing innovative software based on Bocad, StruCAD, Tekla, AutoCAD etc

Design group independently develops all the sections of documentation including estimate documentation and structure calculation in the modern calculation systems. Such approach ensures the quality and timeliness of work performance.

Generation of metal structure drawings and detail metal structure drawings

UKRSTEELSPECIALCONSTRUCTION design group performs design works on all types of metal structures including as follows:

Generation of metal structure drawings and detail metal structure drawings

Adaption of metal structure drawings and detail metal structure drawings generated by overseas companies

Field and engineering supervision as well as in-service control

Provisional calculation of metal specific consumption

Preparation of Technical Assignment for design

Generation of metal structure drawings according to foreign regulations (Eurocode etc.)


The main potential of our company is people. Our experts have a huge experience in manufacturing metal structures of all types and complexity manufactured for the various industrial sectors as follows:

Bridge construction

Power generation

Metallurgic industry

Petroleum chemistry


Metal structures for equipment

Building and construction frameworks

Production-line items and many other products

Our experts have higher qualification and all required licenses.

UKRSTEELSPECIALCONSTRUCTION manufacturing facilities are equipped with all kinds of the equipment for manufacturing metal structures of all types. We use all types and grades of rolled steel products and steel sections including pipes having different diameters. The company experts are capable performing all types of welding including full penetration welding of steel having thickness up to 300 mm. We produce custom-designed pipes. The area of our manufacturing facilities (shops) exceeds 120,000 sq. m. These facilities are equipped with shop cranes having lifting capacity up to 200 tones. We perform a fit-up assembly of the components having length up to 140 m inside the shops. If the length of the components is up to 240 m, a fit-up assembly is performed on special sites outside the shops.

Main production stages are as follows


Straightening of sheets is performed on flat-rolled product pre-straightening rolls manufactured by Nichimen, Japan. Thickness of sheets is from 6 to 40 mm.

Cleaning and priming

Cleaning and priming of flat-rolled products and sections are performed on two shot-blasting machines manufactured by Fogel and Nichimen. After priming, each sheet is marked with a cutting card number. The equipment capacity enables to perform cleaning and priming of approximately 17,300 sheets and 22,000 sections per year.


Cutting of sheet metal components with sheet thickness from 5mm to 24 mm and overall dimensions of 3.2х16m is performed under water using portal plasma cutting machines NUMORREX NXB-4500 and TELEREX TXB-10200. Web stiffener cutting is performed using oxygen cutting machine MESSER GRIESHEIM. Gas cutting machines TELEREX TXA-50 and TELEREX TXA-80 enable to cut sheets having thickness from 25mm to 150mm.


Bending of flat-rolled products and sections with the biggest sheet width of 16m and thickness of 55mm is performed using Nichimen rolls and applying a press hydraulic force of 350 t, 800 t and 1250 t.

Assembly and welding

Assembly and welding of metal structures are performed employing state-of-the-art equipment ESAB and Kemppi and using high quality welding materials. Automatic submerged arc welding and gas-shielded welding using two types of welding wires are performed by a tractor-type welding machine A2-Multitrac and A6- Mastertrac. Machine welding is performed by means of semi-automatic machines МЕК-20W.

Welding process has been certified by Germanischer Lloyd. The engineers and technical personnel working at the plant have been qualified as the international experts of welding engineering. Welding processes have been developed pursuant to the European and International Standards and Rules, and verified by the International Association of Classification Societies (LR, DNV and РМРС).

The equipment of the assembly and welding shop enables to produce box units with weight up to 200 tons using overhead cranes with lifting capacity from 5 to 125 tons. Enlargement of sections (if required) weighing up to 1500 t and length up to 150 m is performed on near building ways site equipped with 2 overhead cranes (the transportation of units having weight up to 600 tons is possible in the dual mode).

Cleaning and painting

Cleaning and painting are performed in a tunnel type spray paint booth with the overall dimensions of 24 х 120 m. The booth is equipped with cleaning and painting devices made by KISS. According to the Swedish standards, abrasive cleaning is performed up to cleaning degree Sа 2.5. Painting of the finished metal structures is performed with subsequent applying of any industrial paint and anti-corrosion coating. Anti-corrosion protection of metal structures is secured by using the paintwork materials made by the leading European companies Hempel, Jotun, Sigma Coatings, and International Paint.

Quality control

UKRSTEELSPECIALCONSTRUCTION pays a special attention to the quality of metal structures at all production stages.

The product quality is controlled by UKRSTEELSPECIALCONSTRUCTION experts with the involvement of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute in Kyiv and Independent Bridge Inspection of Ukraine in strict adherence to the requirements of design and International Standards.

For controlling the quality, we also use the capabilities of our own laboratories where we carry out control of various types: steel spectral analysis as well as capillary, radiographic, ultrasound, magnetic, chemical and mechanical analysis, etc. Thus, we ensure the quality of the product produced.

On Customer’s request, we can inspect and study the existing metal structures as well as make calculation and analysis of metal structure wearing, and provide the findings.

Project management

High requirements, imposed by the market and customers, motivate carrying out a professional control over all production cycles, timings and phasing of the finished product delivery and installation works.

Project Management Department successfully copes with all tasks mentioned above.

Shipment and delivery

UKRSTEELSPECIALCONSTRUCTION has excellent capabilities for shipment of the finished products to the Customer.

The technical capabilities of the company enable to perform pre-assembly of the items having overall dimensions up to 100-120 m and weight up to 600 t with subsequent shipment of pre-assembled components by water through the company's own sea port.

Additionally, we use all transportation means – motor and railway ones.

Installation and installation supervision

UKRSTEELSPECIALCONSTRUCTION performs the installation of metal structures of any complexity and types.

We can also perform a high-rise erection, erection of the metal structures of process equipment, bridge metal structures and many other installation works.

We are ready to perform the installation of metal structures at any place, in any country, on any continent and under any weather conditions.

On Customer’s request, we are ready to send our experts for carrying out the installation supervision on site.



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